Human Eddies 2009

Thank you!
Thank you!

Yep, it’s time for the annual ‘Eddies’ ritual of nominating peers for this year’s Edublog Awards (nominations close on 8 December!). This is so hard!

I think of the people mentioned below not as ‘winners’ but rather as a particularly skewed list of people and connections that shape and help me think, learn and … be.

Best individual blogIra Socol‘s SpeEd change

I stumbled upon Ira’s work about mid-year and never left. You will just have to read his excellent insights laced with hope and guidance. We have hit it off personally too and editing the “Why is everyone an expert on education?” post series right here on ‘Human’ has been a highlight in my own professional career. Thank you Ira. I know you don’t care much about awards but here is a tip of a hat to you and your work!

Best individual tweeterAlec Couros (blog)

This is an ‘impossible’ nomination but this friendly Canuck’s tweets are simply a great mixture of links, insights, personal moments, humour and tweeting style, his blog a must to subscribe for edu-things ‘Open’. Thanks Alec!

PS How’s the #hamster going? πŸ˜€

Best new blogSimon Carabetta‘s West Coast Left

Simon is a blogging champ at our school, running and managing our school blog (College eVoice) and his own. His enthusiasm is contagious around the school and, importantly, among the kids! Simon’s blog is a healthy bunch of insights of a living, breathing classroom teacher growing and changing by the day. To many more Simon!

Best resource sharing blogLarry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

Larry, if you read this I got a question for you: When do you sleep? You are bloody amazing with your posts, lists, links, advice, comments, tweets, insights. If you can sustain this pace by all means – you are making the world a better place! A sincere thank you from myself and dozens of kids and staff around here who have benefited from your hard work.

Most influential blog post – Marion Brady at ‘Education reform: Wrong Diagnosis, So Wrong Cure

Another ‘impossible’ one. I have read many great posts this year, many of them linger, this one is to quote and act upon. Often. Go and read it…Β Β  Thank you Marion.

Best teacher blogDarcy Moore’s Blog

OK, he is an administrator/teacher … but that just doesn’t matter. Last year I think I called him a leader who leaps over 30ft chasm with one 40ft leap, not two ten-footers like many in his position. After all his work this year, particularly on developing professional learning networks, 1:1 programmes, connectivism etc (etc etc etc) he is still one of the people I’d have a beer anytime, anyplace and we wouldn’t be out of time or out of place. Thanks Darcy, can we clone you?

Best librarian / library blog – Jenny Luca’s Lucacept

More than a librarian! Master of Nings, literacy and engagement of kids from Melbourne – here is tip of a hat to you from across the Nullarbor. Our rapid-fire tweet-distractions when writing reports are turning into a personal folklore πŸ™‚ Thanks Jenny, you rock!

Best elearning / corporate education blogGlobal Classroom

The tireless Joe Thibault and his team run a blog full of stories to tickle every moodler’s heart. I love dropping by and checking what fellow moodlers come up with and make a difference where it matters most – on the ground! Thank you.

Best educational use of audioPodkids by Paul Fuller

He is not the winner of 2009 Australian Innovative Teaching Awards for nothing. Podkids bring the world into their Year 4 and 5 classroom and make things that many adults would be proud of. Here is to them and their wonderful, humble and very clever, passionate teacher and a friend. Cheers Paul!

Best educational use of video / visualDave Cormier‘s “Presenting With Live Slides”

I share so many things and interests with this fella I wish I could share the desk with him one day. I often drop by his blog for a dose of his take on things open, rhizomy, messy yet wonderfully raw and clear of hype. You will just have to read/view his ‘Presenting with live slides’ post and the video. If that’s the future…sign me up! Cheers Dave and thanks for all your ‘stuff’. An assemblage to connect to πŸ˜‰

Best educational wikiIndispensible Tools (Drew Buddie & “the crowd”)

Yes, lists and collections of tools abound but I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve dipped into this one. It’s the clarity, brevity and the fact it is all ‘crowd sourced’ that keeps me coming back. Drew ‘Digitalmaverick’ Buddie, take a bow across the oceans! Thanks mate.

Best educational use of a social networking serviceClassroom 2.0

As Nings and networks come, Classroom 2.0 takes the cake for things ed-te(a)chy. Steve Hargadon‘s (whom I had a great pleasure of sharing a meal with last month in Perth when visiting with another favourite and friend Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach) project is just a stunning example of collaboration and technological, pedagogical and, often, emotional support across the globe. Well done Steve and the team!

Lifetime achievementStephen Downes

Lucid, insightful, tireless, respected … I stop before inflating superlatives. If you know/read him, you are probably nodding now. Enough said – thank you Stephen!

There are sooooooo many more people to mention here but I will save it for the “Christmas special” post.

Now, I beat the deadline for nominations. Have you? Here is that link to 2009 Eddies again

12 thoughts on “Human Eddies 2009”

  1. Tomaz,

    Thanks so much for the nomination (and for sharing all of them — they’re great choices!).

    I do, indeed, sleep, though playing basketball regularly does give me a lot of energy (a supportive family helps, too).


  2. Tomaz,

    You are always generous, prepared to challenge and ready to share your learning – a drink. Much appreciated and thankyou!

    Darcy πŸ™‚

  3. Tomas, what kind and generous words. I’m very honored, especially seeing as the nomination comes from someone whose opinions I respect greatly. Thank you.
    Jenny : )

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