Why is everyone an expert on education?: Series

A series of posts, collaboratively co-written by Ira Socol, currently the Educational Technology and Innovation Team Leader at Albemarle County Public Schools, Virginia, Dr Greg Thompson, Associate Professor of Education Research at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, and myself, a high school classroom teacher at Yule Brook College public school in Perth, Western Australia. In this series, we hope to explore the main ideas that make schooling and with it the broader process of education such a powerful, almost monolithic system that so many people are itching to and want to change, yet it has not substantially changed for the last 250 years despite an enormous amount of effort and investment worldwide.

We wrote the series over a couple of months of enjoyable collaboration back in 2009. We have also enjoyed a long sabbatical of many years over this project now but we hope to finish it off one day.

Please use the menu to access all three posts so far. Enjoy.

Introduction – why this question?

Still waiting for Eureka – the problem of seeing education as a science

Rolling up odd sleeves – education as a production

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