One sentence

Good news travels fast. ‘Sticky’ ideas even faster.

In her recent comments, fellow teacher and moodler Mary Cooch (known also as @moodlefairy) mentioned how the staff at their school spend a couple of minutes of their weekly meetings talking about their use of Moodle in the classroom. I loved the idea and in the brief email exchange that followed hinted that I will try to use it here at our school too.

This afternoon, I had a cryptic staff meeting agenda item called ‘Share’.

When I got my turn to speak, I simply asked:

‘Could you please share ONE thing or strategy you have found Moodle useful for in your classroom.”

Silence. Tick, tock, tick, tock – 15 seconds.

Then it opened. What followed was just about the best 8 minutes of my three years at this school – 10 short stories, 10 people, 10 different uses, 10 different skill levels. Genuine, specific, relevant, encouraging … and more we haven’t heard because of the crammed agenda.

As I write this, an email popped into my inbox from a colleague Aaron. This is the last sentence from it:

“What took place in today’s staff meeting is exceptionally rare, so from one colleague to another, well done”

I find myself happy and sad at the same time.

Sad? Because, as Aaron says, it is exceptionally rare. Making such things standard practice won’t change a few staff meetings – it will change the profession we are in.

3 thoughts on “One sentence”

  1. Collaboration. Peer-mentoring. Celebrating success…Nah it’ll never catch on 😉

    Well done Tomaz and please pass on my congratulations to the volunteers who stepped up to share with their colleagues – They are inspirational!

  2. That’s great! I wish I could get 8 minutes of this sort of interaction. I’ll aspire to it!

  3. My special education students have not taken a pencil and paper spelling assessment all year long. They take all of their tests on Moodle. We are not only demonstrating spelling, but honing reading. Results 100% TAKS mastery in Reading.

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