The only, the biggest and the friendliest Moot

Moodle Moots are particularly named gatherings of Moodle users, developers, enthusiasts (from) around the world.  They are famous in Moodle community and beyond for their community spirit of learning with and from each other (and let’s not forget their social side either).

They are special and I am really looking forward particularly to a few of them (hosted) around this ‘antipodean’ part of the world this year!

iMoot (online, 30 April – 3 May 2011) – The world’s only virtual and global MoodleMoot

The one and only truly global moot !

Last year’s inaugural iMoot (2010) was a huge success and very well received by moodlers around the world. Jovially billed by participants themselves as ‘the only moot you can attend in your pyjamas’ it featured over 150 sessions with 70 original presentations by over 50 presenters, moderators, panellists and nearly 400 registered participants who either joined in live across the four days in different timezones with many more checking the sessions in three streams (Teacher, Admin, Developer) afterwards. One helluva inexpensive (50 bucks for the lot!), convenient and trailblazing moot!

So…to share something Moodle-related that has worked for you, kick around an idea to improve Moodle, or be a part of the famous community effort in shaping Moodle and its use (very important and one of the reasons for 2011 iMoot motto ‘ New directions’) just head over to iMoot site and register. Or, even better, throw your hat in to present a session or two over four days at a time that suits you. Reward for you hard work? Free registration (but get in early, you only have until …. 11 March! ). And that’s just the financial reward, not to mention the connections you are likely to make and some great ideas you will NO DOUBT come across.

Big thanks to Shane Elliot, Leonie Beetham, Julian ‘Moodleman’ Ridden and the rest of the team at Pukunui (one of the two Australian Moodle Partners) for putting this on again this year. I have been working with Julian and a few others in the background for this one and it has some fantastic innovations to look forward to.

Moodlemoot AU 2011 (Sydney, 17 – 20 July 2011) – Biggest and best of Moodle community

If there has ever been moot where all stops are pulled to ensure you get immersed in Moodle and its community professionally, educationally, technically and socially LIVE for four days – this is it! The team at NetSpot (also Australia’s Moodle Partner) and the advisory committee (another pie that yours truly has stuck a finger in) have been working hard for months ahead of this event to make good on the motto of the event: Community Canvas.

This is a particularly timely event as more and more people and organisations are getting familiar with and starting to use Moodle 2. It is also a great chance to listen to, ask, share and mingle with up to 800 (!) developers, academics, teachers, students, administrators, IT integrators, business people … This will include a large part of the Moodle HQ team, headed by Martin Dougiamas, Lead Developer & Creator of Moodle, Helen Foster, Moodle Community Manager flying in from Europe, Anthony Borrow, Contributions Manager flying from USA and a bunch of us from Moodle HQ. You will also have Mary Cooch, the ever-helpful ‘Moodlefairy’ from UK and the author of a range of Moodle books, ‘on tap’ so to speak for four days.

There will be something for everyone at the Australian Moot 2011 and big efforts are under way to ensure many ‘takeaways’ and hands-on, contributive experiences over the four days. Not to mention a great social calendar, a very important part of the moot experience.

New Zealand Moodle Moot (Auckland, 26- 28 July)

If you are flying in from other parts of the world to the Sydney mother-of-a-moot, why not stretch it New Zealand moot only a week after? Smaller but famous for their informal, friendly and pedagogy-focused atmosphere, NZ moots have been well attended in the past and appreciated by many moodlers.

Here is a taste of last year’s NZ gathering…

Summary (with links to respective moot sites):

iMoot (30 April – 3 May 2011, online)

– fully online
– very flexible
– inexpensive (free if you register a presentation before 11 March!)

MoodleMoot Australia (17 – 20 July 2011, Sydney)

– biggest moot ever (800 participants!)
– huge range of presentations, workshops, demos, master-classes, events for educators, administrators, business …
– daily passes but four-day full registration best value
– make a holiday out of it

MoodleMoot New Zealand (26- 28 July, Auckland)

– strong teaching/learning-focus
– traditionally very informal atmosphere
– make a holiday out of it

See you there! 😉

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