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7 things


A couple of fellow bloggers tagged me into this meme-game of “7 Things You Don’t Know About Me’. Memetics is actually quite a fascinating, if controversial and bickering, field of human interest you may wish to be ‘infected with’. I have read Susan Blackmore’s The Meme Machine not long after it came out in 1999 and have held a loose interest to many of her ideas since. Well, let me spread some pretty innocuous memes.

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Beating others or doing well?

Day 25: Smile!

This morning I found out that ‘Human’ came second in the “Best New Blog” category at the 2008 Edublogs Awards. The quick, competitive part of me went “oh bugger, a handful of votes and I’d have won it” but then the wiser part of me thanked again, firstly the thousands (!) of people who have taken their time to read and engage with my blog since May this year, secondly a number of people around the world who nominated ‘Human’ for 2008 Eddie and thirdly, the people who clicked next to my blog’s name on the voting card. It really is an honour.

Is this starting to sound like “show-me-a-good-loser-and-I’ll-show-you-a-loser” script right now? Someone bitter to have come second going all phoney philosophical? Not quite I’d say…

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Attitude and gratitude

‘Human’ on a lighter and shorter note today 😀

Over the last 24 hours, I connected a person from Ireland and a company in Pittsburgh to help each other out. This morning, I shared a pile of resources with a person in Bendigo like we were sitting a foot apart. This afternoon, my son showed his new fire engine to his excited, doting grandmother in Slovenia over a webcam. Tonight, I had chat with a person from Birmingham (with our regular third person from Sydney missing but whose excuse I could see on Flickr – happy birth day little Caitlyn). As I write this I am getting teased from Adelaide over Twitter. And that’s definitely a list of all the (inter)national connections I have been directly a part of today and just about every day recently.

WOW :-O !!!

As the pace and width of tools and gadgetry grows, we often don’t have time to stop and ponder the fact that all these things are now possible (and quite cheaply and easily too). We are too busy chasing the next flashy ‘must have’ and getting all worked up about the now ‘old and cranky’ present we loved so much around last Christmas. But let’s not get negative here 🙂

Here is a short and funny take by the comedian CK Lewis on attitude and gratitude for all our tech stuff. Enjoy the 4 minutes and remember the clip next time you complain about (lack of) some technical gear.

A round of applause for these people

With the end of another school year and the flurry of reports, exams and other (unnecessary) minutiae of school life bearing down fast, I thought I’d better get in fast and nominate a few fellow bloggers for the 2008 Edublogs Awards.

Here are my ‘picks of the year’.

Best individual blog – Darcy Moore’s ‘Darcy’s Blog’ is at times wonderfully eclectic work of a school administrator with vision and passion that makes him jump the 40ft chasm not in two 20ft steps (like many others in his position) but with one leap and lots of room to spare. I have often said to Darcy “your staff are lucky to have you”.

Best new blog – Rob Abbey’s ‘Journeys on the Road’ (recently changed to ‘Life and Learning’, the link here is live). And I only started to read this a couple of weeks ago! This is a thinker’s blog that starts to go beyond the obvious and the often superficial hype. It is a thoughtful mesh of critical thinking and experience I would recommend to anyone with a bend for educational philosophy.

Most influential blog post -Chris Betcher’s ‘The Truth is Out There’ The stirrer from Sydney. This post generated much excellent discussion among my colleagues and my senior students and I am grateful to Chris for elaborating many of my own views.

Best Ed-Tech support – Julian Ridden’s ‘Moodleman Blog’ The Moodle wizard I have not yet met in person yet but I feel we have known each other for years through some wonderful collaboration. While Moodle is in his bloodstream, there is much more to Julian’s writing than just that. Thank you for all the tips and eye-openers.

Best teacher blog – Tony Searl’s ‘Sliced bread’ Now here is another bloke I could have a beer with tomorrow and it would be like we have known each other for years. His reply to one of my own posts (My f*%$#ing goosebump story) is a classic to treasure. Cheers!

(Hmmm, just noticed – all my nominees are male, please don’t read into this much 🙂 )

The special mention list is long…

Sue Waters, the wonderful, choc-loving and ever helpful Twitter fiend

Bryn Jones, the tireless (and priceless) local “wise guy” from Fremantle

Kathry Greenhill, a fellow Murdoch University alumni and Emerging Tech guru

Mary Cooch, the thoughtful Moodle hot potato from the UK

Rhys Moult, the Adelaide ‘jack of all trades’, social networker par excellence and the best practical joker in this group 🙂

Mark Callagher, the right-on Kiwi targeting secondary schools

Jenny Millea, a dynamo of thought and action

… and more (this is a bit unfair to a stack of other people but I am sure they’ll live 🙂 ) !

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and efforts throughout the year.

To a newbie to the world of blogging like me, this has been truly a memorable (first) year and in no small part thanks to your writing, comments, reactions and arguments.

Best wishes to all.