A human adventure

Just a 100 metres to go
Just a 100 metres to go ...

Yesterday, I completed my second marathon (2011 Perth Marathon). Nothing spectacular about it, just a lot of honest effort in training before and on the day. Despite a solid time improvement on the first one (17 minutes), a series of painful cramps over the last 17 kilometres left a feeling that I could have done a lot better time wise.

I thought I’d NEVER say that but I do love a marathon. The length of the course, the camaraderie, support and shared struggle with fellow runners, the collective doggedness to drag yourself/each other over the line no matter what, the cheers from the spectators and high-fives with family members, all while listening to and managing one’s body along way is a wonderfully … human thing. It is truly an adventure that no matter how good your prep and plan is will simply throw its surprises, good and bad, at you along the way to deal with.

Later this year I’m running another marathon – 2011 Sydney Marathon on September 19. Apart from a finishing time goal, I have another and a lot more important goal to achieve in Sydney. I hope you can help me with it – details here.

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