June 22

Our Moodle Magazine

Over the past few weeks, my Y11/12 class of ‘Moodle helpers’ in the course called Career and Enterprise (you can see the programme here if interested, big focus on ‘living with technology’) have put together a magazine about Moodle.

The first issue is targeted at new people in our school community and/or people who have not heard about or used Moodle much. Apart from minor edits and checks by myself, the whole thing is students’ work (minus the clips).

Please feel free to let them know what you think of the mag (nothing like feedback from the ‘real world’). Thank you 🙂

eBCC Moodle – eBCC Moodle Magazine

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Posted 22/06/2009 by Tomaz Lasic in category Moodle

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4 thoughts on “Our Moodle Magazine

  1. Trevor Franklin

    Excellent work
    Really like the way that the students are engaged in Moodle
    Now to get the staff at my college to do the same.

    eMagazine is a fantastic resourse I will be using in tutorials for diversity next year

  2. Brian Swarthout

    Great webzine, it is nice to see that the students also appreciate Moodle, also nice to have all the videos compiled in one place. Thank you for your hard work.

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  4. Zbysiu Rodak

    I clicked on the “Year 11 & 12 Career & Enterprise” image and was taken to a site which I thought was the wrong one, so I clicked on the “View Web Magazine” button and came to the exact same spot. No offence intended here, but your magazine looks so professional that I thought it had been created by someone with a few years of experience behind them, not by a bunch of school kids ;o) Fantastic stuff. You should be proud of what you’ve achieved here.

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