March 27

Slice of Twizza anyone?

Technology or not, nothing beats face to face interaction with fellow humans. To make the digital links even more human and add the nuances of speech and body language to other useful means of communication, we are putting on a little get-together for staff at our school and any interested educators on 8 April 2009. The event is called Twizza – a wordplay on Twitter and pizza.

If you are in or around Perth that afternoon, consider joining us for a chat (and pizza!) and perhaps learn what Twitter is, how it works and why would you use it. To answer this last question (which should really be the first question), I have put together a little presentation you can see below. There is also a video clip version with some lovely background tweeting (real birds too) for those interested.

For more information about Twizza, feel free to contact me through EVICTS , tweet me @lasic or via comments below. The little birdie tells me that even the great Edublogger Sue Waters may make an appearance (we”ll get some chocolate ready).

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Posted 27/03/2009 by Tomaz Lasic in category Twitter

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