January 28

Sunrise 09

Rottnest sunrise

Before going back to school tomorrow, here are a few of my professional aims for the year.

  • Continue to try, question, reflect on how digital technology (DT) can enhance and/or threaten the purpose of education (not schooling!) as it see it: to extend the understanding of the world beyond our immediate experiences while respecting those experiences, and through that learn how to function as individuals together in ever-changing societies.
  • Continue my “deliberate practice” and get as many colleagues, students, friends as possible to enjoy DT for the humanity it can enable and enhance.
  • Write a book on Moodle (yep, working on it!) and continue to teach and learn (with) this phenomenal resource.
  • Work on EVICTS becoming a useful point for collaboration between teachers.
  • Run a Philosophy & Ethics course for which I have worked hard to get into our school.
  • Attend and/or present at a MoodleMoot somewhere.
  • (Continue to) love serendipity afforded by social media but say ‘no’ when sleep and rest are needed.

May another Antipodean school year begin!

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