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A couple of fellow bloggers tagged me into this meme-game of “7 Things You Don’t Know About Me’. Memetics is actually quite a fascinating, if controversial and bickering, field of human interest you may wish to be ‘infected with’. I have read Susan Blackmore’s The Meme Machine not long after it came out in 1999 and have held a loose interest to many of her ideas since. Well, let me spread some pretty innocuous memes.

In no particular order, seven things about me (most of) you probably did not know:

1. In the mid-1990’s I became the first person in the world to have played at the senior international level of water polo for 3 (yes, three) countries – Yugoslavia, Slovenia and Australia. I ended my elite level water polo career after the third stunningly bizarre missing out on Olympic Games (Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney) but I am happy to have played (and won) European Champions League (2x), World Championships, World Cups & many other -ips, -ups and -es.

2. I now play much less serious water polo for a beer or two after the game.

3. I translate poetry of Vlado Kreslin, a Slovenian musician from Slovene to English. If you have a chance – the guy is a genius with a heart and soul to match.

4. Despite spending just about half of my waking life in water, I have a deep water phobia. I want to see that bottom!

5. Closet Star Trek fan – but only “The Next Generation” and no others! If Jean-Luc Piccard were alive, I’d have him over for dinner anytime.

6. Will forever regret not writing down the 5 rules of “what makes a sport” after a heated discussion with my wife and best friend.

7. Last one….huh, hard to think. My three favourite -ies: serendipty, humility, humanity.  (Maybe ‘brewery’ ? 🙂

There you go… And since this is a kind of ‘world tag’ game I am compelled to tag a few people like a bad Nigerian money scam (except this one’s got no money in it). If you are one of the poor few, please excuse – I’m on holidays and it was 38 degrees outside today!

My ‘tags’ are all female and sprinkled around the world – a feeble attempt to redress my 7 pretty ‘male’ things and my Eddies 08 nominations gender (and geographical) myopia.

Mary Cooch

Tabitha Roder

Lesley Coe

Jean Anning

Jenny Luca

A. T. Wyatt

Marie @ The Learning Curve

Diana Dell

Have a good 2009.

8 thoughts on “7 things”

  1. Any thoughts on how water polo became the national sport of Romania? This has always made me think.

    Ah, the things that occupy our minds sometimes hey Charlie 😉
    For the record – Romania? Been there a few times, water polo not quite national sport (soccer), water polo probably successful because some dictator’s (Ceausescu – overthrown and hung in late 80’s) son played it. Maybe UK will follow suit since the future king has played it too 😀

    Take care

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