Attitude and gratitude

‘Human’ on a lighter and shorter note today 😀

Over the last 24 hours, I connected a person from Ireland and a company in Pittsburgh to help each other out. This morning, I shared a pile of resources with a person in Bendigo like we were sitting a foot apart. This afternoon, my son showed his new fire engine to his excited, doting grandmother in Slovenia over a webcam. Tonight, I had chat with a person from Birmingham (with our regular third person from Sydney missing but whose excuse I could see on Flickr – happy birth day little Caitlyn). As I write this I am getting teased from Adelaide over Twitter. And that’s definitely a list of all the (inter)national connections I have been directly a part of today and just about every day recently.

WOW :-O !!!

As the pace and width of tools and gadgetry grows, we often don’t have time to stop and ponder the fact that all these things are now possible (and quite cheaply and easily too). We are too busy chasing the next flashy ‘must have’ and getting all worked up about the now ‘old and cranky’ present we loved so much around last Christmas. But let’s not get negative here 🙂

Here is a short and funny take by the comedian CK Lewis on attitude and gratitude for all our tech stuff. Enjoy the 4 minutes and remember the clip next time you complain about (lack of) some technical gear.

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  1. And through it all you also got to connect with people who have similar interest and who live locally. Did you have to remind me about Christmas? Perhaps I could you to do the shopping for me?

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