August 26

2 Minute Moodles – Evaluation tools in Moodle

The fourth batch of 2 Minute Moodles is finally cooked and ready for anyone on the Moodle Tutorials (2 Minute Moodles) page. It covers the basic set up and use of choice, quizzes, assignments and polls in Moodle. These are simply the main and often most used evaluation tools in Moodle, explained step by step for the and the not-so tech savvy.

But Moodle would not be Moodle if these were the only evaluation tools. There are many other options available either as standard features (lesson, workshop) or added modules, activities, blocks or plugins. Check the Moodle database of these goodies, there is bound to be something to please you there.

As always, feedback is welcome. Happy moodling!

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Posted 26/08/2008 by Tomaz Lasic in category Moodle

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