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‘2 Minute Moodles’ – Basics of Moodle (1.9)


As a local Moodle admin and afficionado of this hugely popular LMS, I get asked a number of “how to” questions about Moodle every day. By providing these short and informative (I hope?) tutorials, I thought I might spare some people the hours I have spent in trying to work it all out on my own. Having said that, the ‘click and swear’ method of learning to use a particular piece of ICT remains a personal favourite.

While not all of these short ‘screencast’ tutorials live up to the title and can be a bit longer than two minutes, I simply could not resist the pun of ‘2 Minute Moodles’.

The tutorials try not to assume too much previous knowledge and are presented for the pragmatical and not necessarily tech-savy users (Moodle purists please excuse).

You can view the tutorials by either:

– clicking the words “watch video” (full screen view recommended) OR

– downloading and possibly saving the entire .flv file, then watching it through an appropriate player. I recommend the outstanding (and free) VLC player ( for best quality and functionality.

First is the introduction to Moodle – what is it, what are its main features and the pedagogy behind it – (watch video – length 9:38) o
Download Video: Posted by tomazlasic at

This clip explains the main ‘roles’ of people in Moodle – worth a watch to get the idea – (watch video – length 2:42)
Download Video: Posted by tomazlasic at

Then, you are ready to login (at least the community of Belmont City College…) – (watch video – length 1:14)
Download Video: Posted by tomazlasic at

Once logged in, you can start creating a course – here is how you do that – (watch video – length 7:32)
Download Video: Posted by tomazlasic at

For more basic information about the enrolment options, see this clip – (watch video – length 3:35)
Download Video: Posted by tomazlasic at

The next batch of ‘2 Minute Moodles’ is currently cooking. It will cover the basics of editing a course, adding and working with files, weblinks and other resources.Keep your RSS eye out for it and please let me know if the first lot of Moodles were underdone, overcooked or could be improved in any way.


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